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Event Log

Welcome to the log. This is the less formal area of my site, where I'll post minor updates regarding the development of projects I am involved in, random bits and pieces, and everything else that is slightly odd-shaped.

Abstractions Set In Granite2023-03-18This article will describe the preliminary results of our ongoing analysis of the Granite Artefact scan data, our CAD reconstruction, and some remarkable insights into the design of the object.Geometric Analysis of The Pre-Dynastic Granite Artifact2023-02-24An interesting geometrical analysis of an extremely precise and high-resolution mesh, obtained via structured light scanning of a granite artifact, that is purpoted to originate from pre-dynastic Egypt.2023-W7: Reticulum Updates2023-02-19Another week of work is completed, and updates to RNS, LXMF and Nomad Network have been released. The overall theme of this round of work have been to significantly increase the utility value of LXMF-based software.Penboard: Resurrecting Graffiti2023-01-30If you had an inclination towards PDAs in the late 90's, you most likely remember the venerable Graffiti input system. With Penboard, I've re-implemented an updated version of the system, primarily aimed at e-ink tablets.

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